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1. When was Clegg Enterprises founded? In 1990 the company began as a software development firm and a consulting firm to companies for Computer Manufacturing and Networking Implementations.

2. What was Clegg Enterprises' original Business Model? Clegg Enterprises was a computer manufacturing firm in 1990. The demand for Networking of Personal Computers in offices grew and in 1992 Clegg Enterprises began installing Networks for Small Businesses in the Spokane Area. Clegg Enterprises was developed to supply the area with high quality computers, networking and Software Training and Software Development Solutions as needed.

3. What happened after 1992, what changed? By 1993 Clegg Enterprises was doing most of it's business in Software Development and Software training and less in the Manufacturing of PCs. The discussion of Internet Applications and Web Site developments began and Clegg Enterprises started developing Database driven and Interactive web sites for current customers as well as customers that Interlink Services and other ISPs began to have. The first large scaled project of Clegg Enterprises was the real estate web application it wrote and then was released exclusive to Tomlinson Black of Spokane, WA. From there the company went on to get contracts with KXLY, Keytronic, Spokesman-Review, WWP (Now Avista), Spokane City and Spokane County, just to name a few. Many of these contracts were subcontracted to Clegg Enterprises by Interlink Services and as time goes on the companies still continue to co-develop sites.

4. What does the company do now? Clegg Enterprises continues to do Software Solutions, Systems Integration for Windows based Systems, Web Site Development, ActiveX Controls and other cutting edge technology projects. The latest Software package they developed and has been used in a couple medium to large sized companies is a product called IntraHelp, a Help Desk Software Package that you can find out more about under our Products.

Clegg Enterprises strives to be the most cost-effective, efficient, robust and timely software solution company in the business. We provide consulting as well for customers who need an outside consultant or analyst to evaluate their systems, software or hardware. Give us a call we think you will like what you receive from this innovative company. We look forward to doing business with you.